Amnesia Ibiza NFT Collection

Minted with love from the white island.

In collaboration with Hipworth, the digital artist behind the famous Carl Cox portrait, and Heart of Bone, a boutique jewelry workshop, Amnesia Ibiza will be the 1st Ibiza brand to launch a collection of NFT digital artworks.

NFT Drop

The Collection

The Mural & VIP Table

The lucky owner of this unique piece of art will have a lifetime VIP table at the club for him and 3 guests to be able to enter the club for free at any time to admire the physical version of his digital property. Party goers will be able to enjoy a unique experience while looking at the giant artwork inside the club with augmented reality.

The Pyramid & VIP Access

Buyers of this limited edition NFT will receive a unique medallion in the shape of the Amnesia pyramid, exclusively designed and handcrafted by Heart of Bone, a boutique jewelry workshop based in Melbourne, Australia. The medallion contains an RFID chip giving VIP access to the club for 2 persons with 2 drinks, every day of the season.

The Legacy & Music History

A limited edition (up to 999 copies) of an animated artwork based on the history of the club including unreleased music by Mar-T (Amnesia Ibiza’s resident DJ) and giving access to a secured vault where the NFT owners can listen to a curated playlist of 45 handpicked iconic tracks covering the last 45 years of Ibiza & Amnesia music history, year by year, a unique musical time travel experience.

Digital Artist


Hipworth is a digital artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia who has worked with global brands such as Redbull, Carl Cox, Opera Victoria, Pioneer DJ and Bush Records to name a few. He has been active in the NFT and crypto art space since early 2020 and dropped NFTs on SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace, BlockParty and Kollectiv. His style combines collage, illustration, graphic design and 3D animation which he combines into rich textured landscapes that explore surreal and organic themes.

“I couldn't be more excited to be collaborating with Amnesia on their first NFT which will also find a home in the club as a physical print. Showcasing my work with an institution like this is a super honour and I can't wait to share the pieces.”


Digital Artist

“We have always been excited about new technologies at Amnesia, we were the first to install CO2 cannons inside the club and the first Ibiza club to have a website in the early days of the web, with this NFT collection and the precious help of Hipworth & Heart of Bone our aim is to be the first club to give a physical extension to to this virtual technology, to make the NFTs become alive, physically inside the club and daily around your neck”

Martin Vega

CEO and artistic director at Amnesia Ibiza

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